Issue with Excel Office 365 ProPlus 1707 build 1707 8326.2096

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Has anyone noticed but our users reporting with above mentioned version of excel, when you try to hide a column which is part of merged cell it hides the entire set of merged column.


I do not see this issue on my excel version which is Excel Office 365 ProPlus 1705 build 8201.2171.


Is this a known issue and MS is planning to fix it?

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Not for me.
NB: Merging cells is bad news, it gets you into trouble with many Excel features.

I'm on 1708.8431.2070 - no such issue. However, as it was mentioned, better not to use merged cells at all.

Thanks for the response. But my business user need to have merged cells. I hope next release will fix it.

Okay, customer is always right, but "need to have" for merged cells is not very correct. Usually with proper formatting of non-merged cells you may achieve the same result. It takes some time, on the other hand allows to avoid many potential issues.