Issue during sync notes between Samsung Notes and OneNote

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I have just updated my Samsung Galaxy s6 lite to the latest version of Samsung Notes, which includes the possibility to sync the notes between Samsung Notes and OneNote. I have made all the passages at this link (confirmed both by Samsung and Microsoft support) but on OneNote for Windows 10, OneNote 2016 and OneNote's feed on doesn't show any of my notes on Samsung Notes. I have tried also to reinstall the app with the Microsoft support and also to re-login to the app with my Microsoft account, the one I use on OneNote, but nothing changed.

My brother also has the same tablet and also the same problem: no notes showed.


I have called at first Samsung, who said that is a problem of syncing, so is a problem of microsoft.

I also think it could be a problem of syncing, because when I press on "Sync now" on the Samsung Notes app, it sync more than 100 notes instantly (very strange)...


The microsoft support told me to open a new discussion here, if no one talked about it before (I searched but nothing found), so sorry if I made another discussion with this argument.


Thanks to could help me

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facing the same issue with samsung notes and onenote, on galaxy tab s6 lite

@Lumacher Same here. Samsung Note 20...

Same issue here with Note 10+
Same issue. Unable to sync my samsung notes from any of my samsung devices, neither the phone nor from the tablet. On clicking sync now from samsung notes app, it says sync done. However when i login to One note, only about ten old notes show up, while 99 percent do not show up on one notes



Same on my Galaxy S6 Tab Light, with the latest android :(

@Lumacher I too am having a problem with Samsung Notes syncing with Microsoft OneNote.


I had a load of old Notes from a previous old device, opened Samsung Notes on my Galaxy S9 and it imported all my old notes  (Fantastic!!! thought i'd lost them).  The app then prompts to say it can sync with OneNote so I enter my Microsoft Account, select the folders and hey presto, one thinks it has synced.


I log into OneNote using Chrome web browser and there is nothing.  Open OneNote app up on my Galaxy S9 and nope... nothing.  So I open the OneNote 2016 app installed on my laptop and guess what?  Yep, you've guessed it.... NOTHING!!!


Seeing we are all posting about this issue in December 2020, it would suggest to me the problem lays with Samsung and maybe has something to do with one of the recent Android updates we've all received?


Question is how do we fix this?  Who is responsible for fixing this without Samsung and Microsoft constantly blaming each other?

Same with me on Samsung Notes on Tab S6. 

It is frustrating. 

Eagerly waiting for solution. 





Same with me on Samsung Notes / Tab S6

Yes I am having the same issue with my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite and Onenote.

Suffering the same issue.

No notes sync at all despite OneNote suggesting they have.


I've tried using both my corporate O365 OneNote and my personal. Same result. Nothing showing up after it indicates a sync.


I've been trying from both my Tab S6 and my Galaxy S10. Frustrating experience. 

@Lumacher I am having the same issue with my Samsung s6 lite and onenote not syncing anything that I can find or see.  

Same here, no syncing between Samsung Notes and Microsoft account.
Looking forward for an update resolving this.

@Lumacher Same problem here. I have 70+ notes in the Samsung Note App. When I click "Sync now" it syncs instantly, which indicates it isn't actually doing anything. When I check OneNote, there aren't any Samsung Notes.

I also have been having issues with syncing just as everyone here has described. Samsung Notes does not seem to by sycing into OneNote. I have tryed unlinking and linking accounts, on both ends, i also have signed in and out, and of course have selected multiple times the sync button. 


I literally just became a member and unsure of what the expectations are of a resoultion, or a response from Microsoft, or if this is even the correct forum for such a response. Hopefully we can hear back one way or another of a potential fix. -Cheers-

@Lumacher  and everyone else who has responded. After hours trying to get it to work I think that we are describing the lack of sync incorrectly. It's not that sync is failing, sync has never worked. I took some really important notes in Samsung notes thinking it would sync - I won't make that mistake again. Thanks Microsoft AND Samsung, for allowing me to waste a two days of my life.


Problem is that we can sync notes from samsung notes to OneNote FEED. I also want to sync notes between samsung notes and OneNote.  i followed steps in:


title was quite confusing for me since it says "Sync Samsung Notes to your OneNote feed".  if you follow steps listed there you can see your notes in OneNote FEED in, but notes are not synced between samsung notes and OneNote


i haven't found a way to really sync up notes between the 2 appls yet.


That small word made the whole difference. 

Thank you for pointing out the issue. You are correct, they do show up in the feed. Unfortunately it is not as practical as a sync with Onenote!


@IT_user Ah, thanks for making that clear. But just to make sure: The feed is only available, if you own the subscription to Microsoft 365? I don't have this subscription and just can't find this feed in my OneNote.

EDIT: Ok, I just found it. It's only visible on, but not on logical.

Thanks for posting, but do you get the issue that the onenote feed only shows the top 3-4 pages?