Is there Near-realtime sync when inking in onenote Online?

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I am still in pursuit of a quasi-realtime collaborative inking solution using onenote for people in various offices. The delays in the 2016 desktop app are too long.

I am wondering if, with the intro of inking online, there is a faster sync if both users (in diff offices) are inking in edge.


Has anybody tested this? Hasn't rolled out to my tenant yet.

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Still not very fast. It looks like it is acceptable lag for single strokes but the sync waits for a cluster of strokes to be complete (e.g. a drawing) before synchronizing the strokes all at once. This makes it much less useful for realtime sync because, not only does one have to wait for the person to finish his/her drawing but it also takes a long time to sync all the strokes at once, making the delay unbearable.

This is what microsoft has been working on. Looks like you can collaborate across multiple devices. I don't know if this will be available for non-surface devices.