Is the Mac Version of Office 2016 from O365 'click-to-run'.

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For some reason I think 'Click-to-run'  applies to Windows versions of MS Office distributed via Office 365 and NOT Mac versions of MS Office, is the Mac Office in O365 Click to Run?  Thanks Greg

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The version of Office that comes with Office 365 is only available as Click-to-Run for Windows computers. Click-to-run is a Microsoft technology which is not supported on MacOS.


MacOS requires a .pkg file (or .dmg). This means that on MacOS computers, Office makes no use of the streaming installation, this means that the entire suite has to be fully downloaded first (downloading takes longer), but is installed pretty quickly compared to Click-to-Run on Windows.

Also, users are not able to use certain Office applications unless the entire suite is fully installed.


To answer your question: the Mac version of Office 365 ProPlus is not Click-to-Run