Is Read Receipt Default ON For Mobile Devices Using Exchange Active Sync (EAS)?


I just discovered to my chagrin that my phone was sending read receipts to any sender who requested one, without asking me if I wanted to send one.  This could be one of the causes that my spam has increased greatly since I got a new Android phone to sadly replace my favorite Windows Phone.


In Outlook on the Web, under mail options / general / mobile devices, there is a checkbox that says "Don't send read receipts for messages read on devices that use Exchange ActiveSync"  I'm not sure if I unchecked this by accident at some point since I started using O365, or if the default is that it's unchecked.  It has to be CHECKED in order to stop the read receipts from being sent without notice.  (See below:)

Exchange Online - Read Receipts for Mobile DevicesExchange Online - Read Receipts for Mobile DevicesIf, in fact, the default is that it's left unchecked, I think this is a bad idea.  At the least, I think it should be a required prompt when a new mobile device is added and set up to sync with an account.

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