Is it possible to visually separate emails by day they were sent in Outlook v.16 for Mac?

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Hey all,

I recently transitioned over from Outlook 2013 for Mac to Outlook version 16.11 for Mac. When looking at my list of emails in my inbox in mail view, I'm trying to figure out if I can somehow get a clear separation marker (a line, a color, something) between the emails sent yesterday versus those that came in today. I have them organized by date sent so my latest emails always come in at the top, but it would be very helpful if I could rapidly at a glance see the first email that came in today versus the last one that came in yesterday. One last note that may be helpful: I like to look at my emails in a flat list as opposed to Conversations/threads, so I have the conversations setting off.


I want to say this visual market existed by default in older versions of Outlook/Entourage, but seems to be missing in this version of Outlook. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

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