iOS PowerPoint App - Printing Multiple Slides Per Page

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We have recently gone to the Office 365 Apps for iOS here and are largely quite happy with them overall with the exception of PowerPoint. One thing which constantly comes up is the inability for PowerPoint to print multiple slides per page. This was something that was in Keynote and has drastically increased our paper usage since we moved over to PowerPoint.


Functionality is pretty self-explanatory. You basically have an option when you go to print of how many slides you would like to fit on each page. It will then scale the slides down to fit that number of slides on each sheet of whatever paper you are printing to. Going to assume the slide is flattened as an image and then scaled. Hopefully you gurus can figure it out and work it in for us!

Would really love to see the ability to print multiple slides per page implemented into PowerPoint!!!




P.S: I am well aware that in a perfect world, nobody should be printing things. Unfortunately hardcopy drafts are still required in some situations here. Wont be frustating you anymore than it is me!



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