Inserting a libreoffice calc spreadsheet, not an Excel spreadsheet

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I know this is odd to say this in a Microsoft forum, but I want to get rid of using Excel altogether (too expensive for a private use).


One alternative is Libreoffice calc, but how do you insert a LibreOffice calc spreadsheet into OneNote?


If it is not possible by Microsoft design, then I will have to look for another note taking app. PLease recommend another note taking app that can insert Libreoffice calc sheets.


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Yes, of course you can. That is, you can -attach- a calc spreadsheet. Not embed it.

Insert or attach files to notes - OneNote

I can't seem to find any onenote alternative that can embed LibreOffice. You might consider a shared folder on Onedrive instead.

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@Hans Le Roy,

Thanks for your very comprehensive answer. Attaching the calc spreadsheet and opening it with LibreOffice on a PC does work.

One caveat thoug, is that on my Android phone, I can open the attachment on Excel but Read only - it says "to make changes, save a copy of this file into a Microsoft Office file format". So I searched LibreOffice Calc for Android, and it does not seem to exists.

Long story short, I will stick to Excel for now.