Incorrect Date and Time issue on default Untitled page

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I've set up One Note integration with Dynamics 365 (online). I can access a One Note notebook directly from the activities area in Dynamics 365 (online). One default notebook is already associated with the record and when I open the notebook I can not see the current Date and Time on default Untitled page. Please refer below image.



When I create the new page on OneNote, I can see the current Date and Time as per below image,




Can anyone please advise how can I get current Date and Time for default Untitled page? It is very urgent.
Any help would be much appreciated


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Can anyone help me on this? Its very urgent.

Open in OneNote 2016, click on the date and change it to whatever you want. Or simply delete the default page and insert a new one.

@Annet Smith That's just a workaround.  With hundreds of users using this they won't all notice and fix the date (assuming they know how).   Can we prevent it from happening in the first place?