I received a fraudulent Office Professional 2016 and I don't know where to turn to for help

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I bought this "Supposedly Genuine" Copy of Office Professional 2016 from Ebay on September 20, 2020.  I had planned to install it fairly quickly but I was tricked and duped with a genuine looking copy with the Hologram and everything.  This disc was empty and the product key was invalid.  I am trying to get Ebay to help but they suggested I contact Microsoft.  I did not try to install it until recently because Microsoft kindly gave Office 2010 users a break and apparently provided security updates through May 2021 which was very generous of Microsoft since support was supposed to end in October 2020 for Office 2010.  Can I send this fraudulent copy to Microsoft so they can help crack this illegal ring of counterfeiters although I guess I will be out the money I spent.  It was only $105 plus tax so it seemed to good to be true but the person has a high Ebay Score in the 90's so I took a risk.  I know Microsoft Learn is not the perfect place for this but I could not find the Office Discussion Group.  Thank you for your help and helping me with my incompetence in navigating the technical groups to the proper Microsoft Discussion Group.

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Microsoft Chat helped me out and situation is now resolved. I am now running genuine Office 2016!