I can't open in the Windows Store OneNote a notebook I renamed...

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I renamed a notebook on onedrive.com over 30 minutes ago and I'm still unable to access the notebook on OneNote. If I try the Office version of the app, no problem there.


I also still see a notebook I deleted months ago in the Windows Store app that I don't see in the Office version on onedrive.com


I don't really care about the second issue but I'd like to know how to resolve the first.

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Hi @andy_d 

If you have renamed the notebook in OneDrive, make sure to open it in OneNote Online then from there select the "Open in OneNote" option.

This should open the OneNote for Windows 10 app and open the renamed notebook correctly in the app. Same method if you use the OneNote 2016 desktop app also.


The OneNote apps are designed to provide an "offline" copy of your notebook in OneDrive and can't seem to handle it when the online notebook has been renamed, following these steps will help resolve it.


As with your second issue, the Windows 10 app caches an "offline" copy of the online version of the notebook. If you've deleted a notebook on OneDrive, you will need to close the notebook on the Win10 app to remove it from the app (right-click notebook, select "Close This Notebook".

If you don't, the cached "offline" copy will remain and fail to sync to the online version because it doesn't exist anymore.


Hope that helps :)


Hi @Gerardo D'Amico 


Thanks!  Seems like a bug if I have to go through the website first to open the notebook but it worked.


As for the notebook I deleted, I don't have it open in the app. It only shows when I go to open a  notebook.

Hi @andy_d 

Generally the online version is always the single source of truth, the app just links to the online version to provide offline access. I think it literally finds the OneNote notebook just by it's URL, so a rename will break the link. Yeah, could be better designed.


As for you deleted notebook still showing up:

  1. Log into OneNote online and from the Notebooks selection screen under Recent find your "deleted" notebook.
  2. Hover your mouse over the name and you'll see a small x appear to the right-hand side.
  3. Click it to remove the reference (or shortcut) to the OneNote notebook.

Next time you open a notebook from the app, you won't see the deleted one it the list anymore.


Hope that helps!


@Gerardo D'Amico 


Thank you. I don't see it under recent. I also tried searching for it and I don't find it.