I can't find the "option" section where I am supposed to be able to backup my onenotes

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I can't for the life of me see where under "File" there is the section where you are supposed to b e able to "backup your notebooks".  I include what I am seeing under "File" for you to see what is there on my Macbook Pro.   Can you give me any hints as to where I might find the "backup" section please?


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Sr. Sabina


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@Sr_Sabina- I don't have a mac so cant answer but you should have a "Help" tab at the top of OneNote. Select it and use the "help" search box for back up. Might find the answer there.

Unfortunately it isn't under the "help" tab either.



This "may" help... I Windows we click on File - Options - Save & Backup. Then choose ways to configure Saving and Backing-up



Thank you for your suggestion.  However, as I posted previously in a screenshot, there is no "File - Options - Save & Backup" on a Mac.  I include the screenshot again to show you what I'm seeing on my Macbook Pro.


Screenshot 2020-01-02 10.17.01.png

I'm open to any other suggestions as to why there should be this option in Windows and not on a Mac.

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OK, I get your problem. I am not a Mac user or anything Apple but I may have a suggestion or a "workaround" which depends on how game you are to try "out of the box" ideas and your skill level. OneNote files are stored on Microsoft's OneDrive so I assume you have a Microsoft Account and access to OneDrive through a browser? Please confirm that A/ you have access to OneDrive and can see the x.one files that OneNote generates. B/ you're willing to try or go "outside the box". I don't want to waste time for either of us. Nigel


Ok, thank you for your offer of help.  Yes, I do have a Microsoft account.  And when I logon to "onedrive" I can see only the two folder of which I attach a screenshot.


and here is all that shows in that "OneNote Uploads" folder


here is the shot of the content of the Japanese language upload folder for you to see.png

I'm not sure what you mean by " x.one files" but that is all that I'm seeing.  And yes, I'm willing to  "outside the box" to see if I can get to the bottom of this thing.  I'm sure that they are backed up somewhere but just where?


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Sr. Sabina