How to update office 365 proplus offline

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Current I follow this link but when try download then can not and it show error. I want download to for all user can update offline to lastest from local source


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@Tien Ngo Thanh 

I've ran into this before in my offline patching.  2 things to make sure of:

1. Check your install source to make sure all of the files are there:

in the \Office\Data folder, there should be 2 cab files and a file folder. In some cases, I've seen the file missing. Without that file, office will fail.  


Inside the 16.0.12325.20298 folder:


2. Check your XML file, and make sure there isn't a an entry on the first <Add > tag that tells it specifically what version to use.  If there is, remove that line. 



Thanks, I follow document and configure here done

@Tien Ngo Thanh  Excellent.  Glad you were able to get it to work.