How to turn off or disable 365 Servicing Profiles?

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We tested this out and it sucks. How do you turn it off?

I paused it, but the enrolled computers now keep rolling back to the June update every time the July one is installed via SCCM.

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Thanks for the reply. We do not have any Servicing Profile section listed in SCCM under the Office 365 Client Management header.

The servicing profiles we tested were created in M365 Admin Center.
Hi Danny, currently the best way to disable Servicing Profiles and release all devices from its control is to point it to an empty Azure AD group. Under "Selection Criteria" change the "include all devices" control to "Azure AD group" and specify an empty group. Within the next hours you should see all devices draining from the 'devices' tab and with the next check-in those devices will be released of the Servicing Profiles' control.



Did you try this?


In M365 admin center, select Servicing, confirm "Paused" and uncheck all channels except "Monthly Enterprise Channel", ensure that "Devices selected to add to profile is 0 devices and click "Save".

@DannyBoyPipes The update settings are getting updated regularly. Now under the "Cloud Update" section in there is option to pause only in Monthly channel and not in Current Channel. Only option i could find is to add all devices to the exclusion group in Tenant settings. Enabling cloud update is "1 click" , but disabling is a pain.


Did you manage to find how to disable the enabled Cloud Update feature?

Please use the feedback button to submit a request to disable cloud update

Dear @Martin Nothnagel,

Thanks  for your reply.

Could you please guide me how to submit a feedback?

Thank you in advance.

Sure, navigate to, sign in (not required), locate and hit the feedback button in the upper right corner. Send us a message and make sure to include your email, so we see the domain/tenant which request is coming from.
Thank you!