How to collapse/expand text within a table?

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In OneNote one can collapse/expand indented text by hovering a bit left of the outermost top line and - once the chevron appears - clicking on it. This collapses/expands all lines below that have deeper indentation than the top line.


I would like to do the same with indented text inside a table cell! But there when hovering over it the chevron never appears - hence I can not click on it. :(

Is there another method (e.g. a keyboard shortcut) to trigger the collapse/expansion of text?

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I have sought this feature for some time now, and today I came upon both your question and this other post. Hopefully you will find it as useful as I did.



The post that informed me of this: (credit where credit is due)

Thank you for your awesome reply. The information is handy.
This is so helpful! Thank you.