How flexible is OneNote at handling notes disconnected?

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I have an Office 365 account, which includes OneNote. OneNote has become my favorite note taking app! 


I am in need of tracking what I do for my side business. I'd like to use OneNote for this. However, my problem, which has prevented me from using OneNote at all, for this activity, is that I commute long distances and for a long time, via train, to go from home to my regular job. It is during this time that I'd like to make notes in OneNote. This is really hard, because that long commute is across areas with no Internet, no cell service, no nothing. Every time I use OneNote now, I'm always within reach of Wi-Fi, or some other means of getting to the Internet, to where OneNote saves data in my OneDrive. Can I use OneNote at all, while disconnected? And if so, what are the limitations?

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