How Do You Send an Outlook Email to an EXISTING OneNote Page in OneNote for Windows 10?

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So I finally decided to try the newest version on OneNote for Windows 10. Things are ok except I really miss being able to send an outlook email to an already existing page. The send to one note plugin is way better than having to use the @onenote email; however, it would be nice to have the option to add the email to an existing page OR create an entirely new page.


Has anyone discovered a way to send an Outlook email to an existing OneNote page? Maybe I missed something.

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Hello @Michael Malloy ,


From Outlook, click "Print" then under Printer use the dropdown menu to select "OneNote." A dialog box will open where you can navigate to the notebook and section. A new page will automatically be made with your email and the default page title of "Printout" which you can fix later.