How do I retrieve my OneNote?

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I've been using Onenote on my PC and set it to be saved on OneDrive.

However for some reason, the company network isnt able to connect to OneDrive usually. So I always have offline notes and notes that are done offline.

Suddenly, one day, my PC crashed. I tried to use another PC to login to my Onenote account and found that the notes are not updated (not synced).

I have the hdd of the crashed PC with me though.

So my question is how am I able to retrieve the backup or unsynced copy of my Onenote from the hdd? It seems like the notes on the Cloud are not the latest. The most updated notes were probably stored somewhere in the PC before it crashed.

Am I able to recover them?

Note: I am not able to find anything under C:\Users\xxxxx\Documents either. Cant find anything that looks like my lost notebooks. Where could they be?


Thank you very much for any advise or help given.


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If they are not synced and your data is not restored you are unable to get your notes back.