How do I display an image in an Outlook message via a hyperlink reference as opposed to inserting?

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Back in the ye-olde days of html formatted email, we used to be able to provide an IMG tag and a SRC of where the image exists on the internet.  It seems like with Outlook 2016, I can only insert a copy of the picture instead of just having the picture display from a hyperlink.  Although I can provide a "click here" text hyperlink to the image, I prefer to have the image inline with the email text.


My reasoning is...  If it send a mass mailing to everyone in the company, I don't want to waste disk space by having copies of the same image in everyone's inbox.  Only one copy will reside on our intranet.  


Is this feature no longer available?


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Hi @Benjamin Bartels


Unfortunately Outlook 2016 has removed the option, however this article provides a workaround.


See if it helps you?