How can we get Microsoft to sync OneNote read/unread status across devices?

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When I read an unread update in OneNote (based on bold font identification) on my desktop, my laptop has no idea that I read it already. I then have to manually mark items as read on my laptop. I would really love it if my devices were in sync in regards to "read" status just like email/exchange does.


On the User Voice, this has been pasted in 2014 and in 2018.


Given I'm synced fully in the cloud through O365, OneDrive, Exchange, SharePoint, Sticky Notes, Teams, etc. this is the ONLY annoyance I have in regards to synchronization. Perhaps I should have posted in this community much earlier (as UserVoice may not be monitored by MS much)?

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I have the same issue with accessing OneNote notebooks on a different computer but same account and it marks section as Unread.