How can I stop MS Word from automatically moving the view of document?

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I am editing a word document (with office 365) in Macbook air M1. This is a new Macbook and I have not used Mac before. I have been a long time user of MS Office in Windows OS.



Let's say I am on page-3 of a 10-page word document. I stop editing on page-3, and scroll to some other page (e.g. page-7) but I do not click on that page-7 yet. Then I go to another app (say my browser) and come back to the word document which still show the page-7 that I was reading before. Now I want to edit on page-7, so I click on the line that I that I want to edit. But MS word automatically goes back to page-3 where I was originally working on. 


This makes me go back to the page-7 again and find the line that I intended to edit which is very very annoying and inconvenient. Is there a way by which I can disable MS Word from going back to original editing page and stay on the page that I click on after coming back from another app?



Is there any way to stop MS Word from automatically bringing the editing line to the top of the screen if the page that contains the line is on the next page but is still visible on the screen below the previous page?


Here are the picture to show the issue-2.

The first picture shows that two pages are visible on the screen and I am working on the first page that is shown. But then if I select click on a line on the next page with the same view, MS Word automatically bring that page and line at the top of the screen (picture-2). I want to disable this feature. If needed I would like to bring that page up manually. Is there any way?









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