Help please - issues opening OneDrive notebooks in ON2010

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I work as a Training officer in our IT department and I am doing some Service Desk support during the current crisis. I hope someone with more knowledge can help.


Our organisation is just beginning to set up O365 and are still running on prem Exchange with the Office 2010 suite. In O365 we have not yet ported over the Outlook accounts but have enabled all users in O365 with Teams chat and video only. This was done about one month ago.


Since December last year one user is having issues accessing Notebooks in OneNote 2010 but not in OneNote 2016 (we have downloaded a time-limited test of 2016 to try to troubleshoot)


We know that two years ago the user signed up to a personal Onedrive account with her work email address. The aim was for her to access her notebooks on and off site (we did not have any VPNs back then and were not remote working).


Up until December last year she could access her personal OneDrive account notebooks fine in OneNote 2010.


Then, in December she started getting an error inside OneNote 2010. The notebooks were still listed there in ON2010 but said there were no sections or pages in the notebook. I have closed the notebooks in ON2010, uninstalled ON2010 and reinstalled.


Then, tried logging into her OneDrive account in ON2010 to open the notebooks. Got an error saying cannot connect to the server, try again later. This error has been happening every time for months. So, cannot open any notebooks from the OneDrive account inside ON2010 – but CAN open them as expected in ON2016 and online.


I believe the first thing to do is change her personal OneDrive MS account from her work email to a personal email address, in preparation for the move to O365.


Does anybody know of any issues that might contribute to her not being able to open the Notebooks in ON2010?

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