Help a Teacher Using Bookings Please

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Hi all! In addition to being a classroom teacher, I am an instructional coach which means teachers regularly want to "sign me out" for appointments/visitations. We were thinking that Bookings (the app) would be the way to go. However, we wanted the person booking to have more flexibility in choosing starts times since we have both 50/70 minute periods. We set up 20 minute (partial period), 50 minute (full period), and 70 minute (also full period) options. So, right now, Bookings is offering start times in only 20 minute increments - like 7:40, 8:00, 8:20... but we want our options to be in 5 minute increments...or, even better, based upon our bell schedule if such a custom setting exists! Anyone have any help on this? Additionally, is there anyway to sync my existing outlook calendar to my Bookings? Others have had it load naturally, but mine has not.
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Hello, you can sync your personal calendar with Microsoft Bookings.

Please go through the following steps: @CaraCanfield