Help a Newbie port from EverNote

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It looks like EverNote may not be long for the world.  They've pretty much discontinued tech/customer support and there are lots of stories about impending demise on the internet.  I've therefore decided to move from EverNote to OneNote.  I've got 40 folders with about 5.4 GB of notes, most of which I use in my faculty teaching (endocrinology) for lectures, etc.  I'll be calling Microsoft tech support about an import problem I've been working on with them.  The main question is that I need to know about the import format.  I've been told that the .ENEX format which is used by EverNote for export is imported into OneNote as a webpage file.  Does that  mean that individual notes (between 9 and 6500 notes per folder) cannot be edited or deleted?  That would be a real dealbreaker.

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