Has anyone had difficulty finding where Office Lens is sending scanned documents in OneNote?

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I installed Office Lens and when I scan and send a doc to OneNote, it is sending it to a notebook and section that I cannot locate on my OneNote.  Is there a way to change the default location in Office Lens or search OneNote for the location of new uploads?

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Hi Brian

I am from Office Lens team and will be happy to help you. Can you let us know if you are still facing this issue? Which device, OS and app version are you on?


There is a way to change the default location.  After you take a picture and click the checkmark indicating you want the picture saved, you are taken to a Title / Save To screen, with checkboxes for what apps you want to save the picture.  If you tap the word OneNote, it will then prompt you for the OneNote section into which you want to save the picture.


If you lost a picture, OneNote defaults the title to the date, as in:  2018_09_30 <time> Office Lens.  You can search all of your notebooks using the date as typed above, and it will find your picture.

@Steven SeligmanHi Steven,

Office Support led me to this post because I have a similar issue on Office Lens for Android - I am unable to choose the correct OneNote Notebook to save files from Office Lens.


Tapping the word OneNote simply checks and unchecks the box for me, it does not give me the option to choose a notebook, so it always saves to the incorrect one.



Hi.  I just tried it on my phone, and when I tap the word OneNote, a window pops-up and says "Change Save Location".   (Screenshot Attached)


I noticed that if I tap the OneNote icon to the left of the word "OneNote", it just unchecks the box as you experienced. 


If I tap the small Notebook Tree under the word OneNote, it also brings up the pop-up window to Change Save Location.


I'm running Office Lens v16.0.12130.20206 on an Android phone running Android Pie.


I attached a screenshot of the pop-up window.

@Priyanka Gupta I am using one plus 7 pro mobile with android version 10.0. After clicking the photo I tried to convert into pdf and I couldn't select any location from one drive and it is saving in completely irrelevant folder. even though I tried to change the folder physically in one drive (by moving to home location of one drive) it didn't save it on the next time and saving again to the previous location by creating a new folder. would be good if you can guide in this