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Having looked online it seems that handwriting to text conversion is only available on the latest OneNote desktop app for Windows ...


All of our senior execs use iPads with Notes Plus to capture handwritten notes, markup etc and then convert to text for editing where necessary.


We want to make use of OneNote as part of Office 365 however the deal breaker is that we have no seemless ablity to perform whatt I'd consider typical even basic functionality for these VIP users.


I get that Microsoft want to direct their users to the Microsoft ecosystem (just like Apple) but the reality for many organisations is we operate with a mixed estate of IS tools and equipment.


Anyone have any suggestions of how to practically get round this?  If the only answer is give them all Windows tablets then we'll abandon our ambitions and live with the negative impression of OneNote on iOS and Office for the Mac ...



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@Garry Rawlins 


Agreed!!!  The only work around is there is no easy work around, I’ve been trying for months between several different note taking apps including Onenote. Nebo is the best and simplistic way to convert notes to text including using several different languages. I believe Goodnotes? uses the same software as Nebo to convert “handwriting” to text. The problem with note taking between ALL note taking software is things like Lists and transferring the displayed set up in one application over to the next, IT ALWAYS looks screwy. Even converting to it word. Then in each software you try to convert your “text” too, you have to re-edit it after you have pasted all your work. Grrrrrr


Handwriting is soooooo much easier to note take and I have found that a simple copy paste from Nebo into where you want it converted is the simplest way.. after handwriting you just double tap with your finger and poof! You can also erase simply by crossing through the words or scratching it out. You can also solve simple math problems, just write 2+2= and it solves it for you. One more pretty cool bonus is the diagrams, convert your writing to ‘flowing text’ that follow exactly what you draw. 


It takes some getting use too plus it costs 7$ as a one time fee to access the program. No trials. I did fork up the extra dollar for the additional math conversion app for my kiddo that is pretty nifty for higher learning math. 


Im telling you, if you find a simple workaround, let me know because WINDOWS should have been on top of the frontier a long time ago... especially with promoting it’s One Note success. 

We are in the same situation. We have a healthcare company and we have mixed OS's We need to us the Apple iPad - I don't understand why MS goes not go forward to release Hand to text. I hope that many people complain.



Thanks for starting the conversation

@Garry Rawlins 


I'm astonished that this is not a feature in the Mac version of OneNote. How can that be okay?