Group Policy setting to "back up notebooks stored on SharePoint"?

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Not sure if this is the best place to ask, so apologies in advance if it isn't.


We're using the OneNote for Office 365 desktop app (build 1808.10730.20348).


I'm trying to configure OneNote backups for all of my users using the built-in options via Group Policy. The OneNote 2016 admx (and I downloaded a fresh copy today just to be certain) does not allow me to turn on the option for "back up notebooks stored on SharePoint". It does allow me to configure the backup folder, automatic backups (with an interval), and the number of backup copies to keep, but these settings are useless because the backups don't occur without turning on "back up notebooks stored on SharePoint".


So does anyone know if it's possible to turn this setting on via Group Policy (maybe it's wordly differently than what I'm expecting) or if there's a registry key that will achieve the same thing?





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Ok I found the answer...


There's no Group Policy setting, but there's a registry that can be applied as a user GPP.






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At least if someone needs to know the same thing, this post exists explaining how.