Gmail Sync Issues and Related Emails

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I have properly synced gmail with outlook on my PCs laptops and iPhone. However I am constantly receiving emails, up to 4 times a day, stating ‘Please update your credentials for the account xxxxxxxxx’ The footer for this email states the following: ‘ This system notification isn't an email message and you can't reply to it.’
Every single time I receive the above email I send a test message to the gmail account with zero issues whatsoever.
Can someone explain to me if this email is genuine and if it is how I was even able to receive it through my gmail, outlook, exchange and primary email inboxes? The accounts are a linked together. It seems strange that I can receive the email above and moments later receive a message in my gmail inbox.
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Boy when find out let me know, I'm still trying to figure out how to stop the millions of repeated emails, over and over. ..


I found out some info on this issue.
When I logged into my 365 admin account I noticed that there was some random server outages articles in the network health section. In one of the entries it stated “... ongoing issue could result in de-sync of associative email accounts...”
This is possibly why these random sync emails are being sent as an advisory to gmail or other email services that are linked to one’s account.