Getting my hands on Office Online Server

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The author of this post says that the OOS will be (and should be by today) available for Office 365 ProPlus subscribers. However, the only place to download this software is MSDN subscriptions website and to download any software there I need the Volume License for nearly $5000. 


Does it mean that I won't be able to get OOS with editing feature with Office 365 ProPlus only? I need *both* MSDN Volume License **and** Office 365 ProPlus? That's not what I've read from this post :(



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I have the retail MDSN subscription and I can see it available. Should be available to few other sub types as well:



Thanks. Still it is MSDN subscription plan that's pricey but allows to download a lot of other stuff from MSDN that I don't need. I just need the OOS which, as per this blog post, should be available for Office 365 ProPlus subscribers. The MDSN Retail/VL (or any other I suppose) would only allow me to have OOS in the "read-only" mode whilst I need the "editor" mode that should be available for Office 365. 


Do I need both MSDN sub **and** office 365 pp?

Most MSDN subs offer Office 365 Development sub as well, so you should need both. But I'm definitely not an expert on MSDN licensing :)

I wish it worked the other way around :p