Future of OneNote - Version Recommendation, Version History

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Our company has all users licensed for Windows and Office365 E3.  Some users have OneNote App, and some have OneNote for Windows 10, and some have both.  It's my understanding (correct me if I'm wrong) that the OneNote app comes with purchased of Office and OneNote for Windows 10 comes free with Windows.


When we open OneNote notebooks from Sharepoint and open them in the browser, the online version looks most like OneNote for Windows 10.  Is there any hope of converging all of these options into one supported product?  Which version will MS support in the future?


Recently we had an issue with a group using OneNote for Windows 10, and a section from the Notebook seemed to just disappear and has continued to be missing for weeks now.  I looked within sharepoint by right mousing on the notebook and there's no version history available to restore as there is with Word/Excel files.  I primarily use the OneNote App, and there I have a history tab with a recycle bin and can list recent edits and can look at page history.  But in the OneNote for Windows 10 I see no such options.


So with OneNote for Windows 10, is there any way to retrieve previously deleted sections or pages?  Generally we are conflicted with what version of OneNote to use but would like to standardize.


What have other companies done?


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You are right to be confused. MS has delivered mixed messages about the, however see this for the way forward: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-365-blog/what-s-coming-to-onenote/ba-p/2612960
That's very helpful. Thanks Matt.
Matt, another question - do you have any idea why a OneNote notebook in Sharepoint does not have version history like other files (Word, Excel, etc) in a document library in Sharepoint.