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We're an O365 Customer (E3) and use OneNote. But isn't there a free version of OneNote? The app store version (Win 10) is sort of terrible (as is the online) and we prefer to use the installed version. But I take it the installed version is not free as it wants activation? It's all very confusing actually. Any help is appreciated.

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You can download OneNote for free here:

Salvatore to the rescue again! .... thank you Sal. It's weird, if it's installed as part of Office you can't use it "alone" as you have to activate it although it's free. I believe it's becuase Office is now one installer (not separate items, Excel, Word, etc.)

Yes, that is correct.

Im confused, if your an E3, then you should have the program as part of your Office suite. Why dont you use that one? Its the best one
And yes, you have to activate it, just put in your O365 email address and password, and your done.. You now have the pro version installed

I've used all my E3 lisenses (5) and I just want to install the desktop (installed non-Win 10) version of OneNote. Sal's answer worked.