Free training - New basics training to get the most out of Office


Hi everyone,

We’ve rolled out six new training courses, covering the basics of Office, to get you started with the apps. You’ll learn what Office 365 is, how to install Office on all your devices, store your files online and collaborate with others, manage your Office 365 Home or Business, get support and access other helpful information.

Whether you work with Excel, Word, PowerPoint or another Office app, you can also learn a lot in these short videos, such as how to sign in to Office, rename files, add comments or switch between online and desktop apps. There is great information in these videos, to help build your expertise, reduce ramp-up time, and track your progress with a more focused learning plan.  


Need more help getting started with Office apps? 

See our Quick Start Guides and Office Training Roadmaps.

All of these and more are free on our Office Training Center.


Please let us know what you think of these trainings by submitting your feedback at the bottom of each help article.


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