Forms.Office.Com aka, next gen infopath?

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So i see there is a preview for educators for a new Forms technology from MS.


Is this just the MS Access Forms (used by the Excel team to create Surveys in OneDrive)? or is this a new forms technology.


We need answers for the next gen InfoPath... Please!




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I hate ansering my own questions, but i just found this:


Will Microsoft Forms replace Microsoft InfoPath?

No. Microsoft Forms is an application designed to be used by educators to create basic forms such as quizzes, surveys, and registrations. Microsoft InfoPath and Power Apps are the solutions for creating complex forms and workflows for the specific needs of enterprise customers.



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So in short, what are we getting to replace InfoPath?  Man Happy



I believe PowerApps is the solution for many forms based application needs. Still not sure what will replace IP for customizing SP forms and custom edit pages, etc.

Are there any plans to release Office Forms to enterprise users and not just for Educational license holders?