Focused Inbox availability on Version 1704 8067.2018 Insider Slow

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The release notes indicate Focused Inbox is part of Build 2018. I'm not seeing it yet. Can others confirm Focused Inbox is rolling out in this Build? Thanks!
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Hi John,


I don't see it (same build) as well, but in entrprise environment it also depends on how your EXO is confifgured, see


Thanks Sergei. I believe I have EXO properly configured. Thanks for confirming you are not seeing this too.

Hi John,


Today I installed cumulative update on Win10 (build 1703.15063.250) and focused inbox appeared in my Outlook right after the reboot. Same 8067.2018 Office.

Hi Sergei, Thanks for your reply. I am the same level of updates and still not seeing Focused Inbox. Glad to hear rollout is happening. I'm sure I'll catch up soon!
Hey all - I just wrote up a new update for Focused Inbox roll-out. It has lots of details about how this will show up in Outlook 2016 on Windows. Take a look!