Feature "Translate" missing in Outlook

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The Feature "Translate" is missing in Outlook. We have the latest Update of the Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel (Version 2302, Build 16130.20714).

The Feature is missing in the ribbon, and also in the Options under "Language". I only have "Office display language" and "Office authoring languages and proofing" but no "Translation".

Can it be somehow installed?

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Thanks Kidd_Ip for your response.
Unfortunately i don't have the button "Translate" in the ribbon. Nor do i have the Option "Translation" in "Language" of Options.

Any other ideas?
Is there any chance, someone from Microsoft sees this? Or do i need to open a case for this?


Hi  @Martin_Wildi ,

I had the same issue. 

Found some help that directed me to the web based Outlook. Found the settings there.

Here is the MS Help instructions:

Change your translation settings

  1. At the top of the page, select Settings 



     > Mail Message handling.

  2. Under Translation, choose one of the following:

    • Ask me before translating

    • Never translate

  3. If you don't want Outlook to translate a certain language, choose a language in the drop-down menu under Don't translate the following languages and then select Add.

Hope that helps,


@Andrew1982I can confirm that the feature is missing from the new outlook

I can also confirm that the new outlook does not have the facility.

I can install and use on old outlook, but it disappears on switch over to new and there is noplace to set it up on the new outlook settings.

the actual directions for HOW TO SET IT UP under NEW OUTLOOK do not mention how to do it