Export inventory views in inventory in the Microsoft 365 Apps management center.

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I would like to deploy Microsoft 365 applications on a client. I would like to confirm if you can export the data of the last login on the device?
Additionally if it is possible to see the serial number of the device?




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Ecoronel, are you referring to the Microsoft 365 Apps admin center (config.office.com)? In this case, the exported data contains the information of the last check-in of the device. But no serial number/unique HW identifier.
@Martín Nothnagel Is it possible to export the data of the last logged-in user and the e-mail address?
What is the issue or problem you are attempting to resolve by getting this information? Perhaps beginning with a description of the problem or some idea why you are looking for this data can help us find you an answer sooner.
Here is what the export of the inventory contains:

Name,"Version","Build","Architecture","Update channel","Add-ins","Macros","Last contact","Recently Active","Last User","Last User Email","Serviceability Manager version","Office Applications","Manufacturer","ModelFamily","Model","ProcessorArchitecture","TotalRamInGigaBytes","OSFamily","OSReleaseVersion","OSBuildVersion","FreeDiskSpaceInGigabytes","TotalDiskSpaceInGigaBytes"

Note that add-ins and macros are Yes/No flags.