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Dear everyone,


For a project I'm working on I need a formula.

Underneath the following printscreens is the explanation.








The used information is fictional so no worries.



In the first tab (Customer Names) you can see some information but the most important one is the customer name. From my input, the information in the first tab, correspond two of the company names with the information in the second tab (Customer Info).


The output I would like to see is this information:

- the customer name (Company)

- the email address

- the second email address

- and the phone number


Because my customer info insn't complete, there will no information be found of the company Linsen Parts BV.

Even when there's no information, I also want to see that company name as output with empty fields for the email address, second email address and the phone number. So you can see which company still needs information.


The output I want will look like this:


Linsen Parts BV             -                                                  -                                                       -    

apple                     >email address<                   >second email address<           >phone number<

samsung                >email address<                 >second email address<           >phone number<



The formula that is used in the third tab doesn't work for this. I was hoping someone knows a formula or any other way to do this.



Kind regards,


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