Excel Dynamic Arrays released in Monthy Channel 1907 ?

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I just updated my Office 365 ProPlus to version 1907 Build 11901.20176 (this is shown under "account").
According to What's New in Office 365 the dynamic array functions should be included.
However, Excel doesn't recognize them (filter, sort, unique...).
I checked the new function that was described with "no more bouncing to the browser" and I find the new option "link handling". So my installation should be fine.
What goes wrong with the new functions? Do I need to activate them somehow?
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@Michael_MertensMy monthly 1907 DAFs are working just fine. Had them about a month now

@rmose7203, then you probably are in the monthly targeted channel, not the monthly channel, correct?

@Michael_Mertens  We had the same though re 1907 on monthly on Monday when we downloaded it.


We got in touch with one of the folks from MS (our team is working on an Excel add-on using DA) and were told that it is available now on the Monthly (Targeted) Channel and considered a 'release candidate' for the regular monthly. However, there is not an exact ETA yet as they are still validating quality/bugs for the wider rollout.  :(


But, it certainly sounds like they do understand that everyone is waiting on it, so crossing our fingers that it won't be too much longer...

ok, @wanderslth, thanks. It seems that just the what's-new-document is wrong (the link in my initial post).

@Michael_MertensYes, that's correct. I discovered today it used to be called the Insider Slow, and hence why it is still treated as an insider account.

@Michael_MertensI also have the 1907 bld 11901.20176 version of Office 365 and have neither DAF or the new link handling file option.

@rbert5949You would only get the  DAF if you are on one of the Insider channels. There are two types. Your version of excel would have to be registered for monthly updates as a Monthly (Targeted) Channel. This is also considered an Insider channel as it was previously called Insider Slow.

Thank you. I have signed up for the Office Insider. I've heard about this for so long that I have to give it a try.

Hi all - related to ProPlus Monthly 1907 (Build 11901.20176 too) - but not Michaels's issue..

 "Opening Office file hyperlinks in Office desktop apps not browser" doesn't appear for me... what about you? I have been waiting for this for a while.


Sorry to hijack your thread here @Michael_Mertens... but perhaps other folks here could check and advise? Unsure if this has been blocked from being enabled or something, would be useful setting to apply.


Thanks, Joe

@Joe McGiven Corban  Go into backstage, FILE --> OPTIONS -->ADVANCED -->LINK HANDLING and check the tick box there. If that option isn't there, do an update of your Office, and if still not there then maybe it hasn't been pushed to your version as yet.

@rmose7203 - yeah, definitley not there, and for our ProPlus monthly version it should be. Very odd... everyone else has it? Not a single other soul out there on 11901.20176 has it missing? Would be great to test, but worse case I can wait till 1908 and if still missing then I'll raise a ticket with MS. Cheers


No Link Handling.JPG

We have the August version now, still without Dynamic Arrays. And the "readme" for July is still unchanged, listing the new functions.