Excel 365 business - Impossible to save - "Errors were detected while saving ..."

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Hello Guys,


Context :

- My company works on Excel 365 Business.

- Use on our local hard drive, on a shared server or even hosted on Teams to work on a file simultaneously.

- The problem is recent (2/3 months) and relatively rare (less than 10 times in 3 months).

- The problem is also random (different computer, appearance of the problem on our 3 working methods - Local - Server - Teams).


Symptom :

- Unable to save the file regardless of the recording format.

- All our work is lost. This represents 1 day of work that cannot be replaced => This is an Excel file that we fill out when we go to clients).


Additional information :

- One of the files with this problem may have been backed up with Office 2013.

- When the file crashes, we do not necessarily have a message when saving. It is when the file is reopened that we can no longer save it.

- The computers are up to date (Windows, Office, Hardware drivers, Bios, etc.).

- Our Excel files models got Macro

Bug English.png

Thanks a lot

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After some additional tests, I have the impression that the problem comes from the macros.


I have to go to the developer / Visual Basic tab and delete the macros. This problem does not appear systematically.