Envelope template problem

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If there's a way to get Word for Mac 2019 and my Epson printer (SCP600)  to print on an envelope from a template, I'd like to know it.


Previously in Word 2011 I just made a custom paper size of envelope dimensions, with page setup orientation set so it would write correctly on the envelope on my screen, and I'd feed the envelope vertically into the printer, and it worked. Now no combination of shapes and settings seems to do that; printing will only go across the envelope sideways.   So I have been using Word's Mailings tool for envelope printing, which works (buggily-- it always reverts to a font I don't like and sometimes refuses to change font), however  when I save my created envelope as a template, opening from the template gives me something that either prints crosswise on the envelope again, or seems to print somewhere inside the printer missing the envelope entirely. 


Weirdly, a variety of wrong results have come from my trying the exact same thing multiple times . Why can't a file opened from a template print the way the same thing prints when made from the Envelopes button on the Mailings tab?


(I think I could create a custom paper size in the printer driver to feed the envelope in horizontally, but Epson doesn't want that and it's risky to feed a 4" high item that isn't quite flat into a paper feed.)

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