emails are not displayed in outlook inbox but in webmail

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Hi Comunnity,


We have a shared mailbox and the user reported that in the Outlook inbox has unread emails, however these emails do not appear. Instead, entering through webmail they are there, they come from an external box and what you notice is that these emails have a private confidentiality mark.
We perform a test, sending an email to this same mailbox with the Private brand and notice that the email enters but in desktop Outlook does not appear, if in webmail. We verify that there are no rules on all computers that have access to this shared mailbox. The version used is 16.0.11328.20392
I'd appreciate your help.

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This is usually an issue with the local cache. How big is the Outlook profile and have you tried recreating it?

@VasilMichev Hi,


The cache is currently set to 12 months, but I have tried to lower it to 6 months or 3 and in any case it happens


Changing the slider value doesn't really have much effect on its own, you have to "compact" the OST file and even then you can still have issues. Best try with a new profile, set to the lowest acceptable value of the cache slider from the get go.



In any case, this shared mailbox is configured in several mailboxes, so it is strange that every single user who has access to this shared mailbox has a problem with the OST file size or is corrupt

If the size of the shared mailbox is too big, there's nothing strange about it.


the strange thing is that the emails enter well in the shared mailbox, this behavior only happens with some emails from a particular external mailbox


We've experienced the same issue, users reporting that they're seeing out of sync items etc. What worked for us was to disable 'Download Shared Folders' in Outlook.


EDIT: Also to added, turning off Focused Inbox.

The same problem was experienced by me with my <a href=''>webmail</a> account


I got same problem did you fix this