Downgrade from E3 to Business Premium

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Hi there,

a customer of us is utilizing E3 plans. As they have less than 300 users they want to downgrade to Business Premium.

Do they have to reinstall the Office applications or is there a smoother way to proceed?

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Hi @woelki,


Yes they have to the Office applications because Business Premium does not have Office 365 Pro Plus, it has Office 365 Business.


The best way is to configure a share to change the applications and in the configuration select Office 365 Business. 


You can read the process here


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Nuno Árias Silva


Hi Nuno,

thanks for this. What would be the best timing to switch the plan and start the deployment on a single client?

In a large scale this has to be well planned.

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Hi @woelki


You need to run setup again after the switch of the licenses. If you have SCCM or Intune you can deploy centrally or you have to plan to run setup again after the change of licenses.