Disable "CDN Allow Update" Policy and Fallback to previous Office Version

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Hello How can I disable using policies the key "CDN Allow Update" for Office ProPlus. We need to fallback to a dedicated Version of Office ProPlus how can that be done programmatically. Is that possible. Thank you JFM_12
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 Hi @JFM_12, this is Martin from the ProPlus Rangers. When the sole goal is to revert to a specific version, you can use the policy "Target Version" and keep using the Office CDN. Once the setting hits your devices, they will perform a rollback to the specified version and stay on it, even when newer ones are available on the Office CDN.


Once you're ready to roll forward again, just remove the GPO and clients will catch up automatically. Does this solve your issue?

Hi Martin Thank you for your answer. Have a great day. Juan