Dev response to OneNote feedback

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Hi all,


First of all, OneNote is awesome and the people hard at work at developing and maintining this hugely cross-platform app deserve a lot of credit.


That being said, there are quite some issues with OneNote, particularly related to feature parity accross platforms or the lack of sometimes very basic functionality: printing/sharing, page templates or on screen rulers come to mind.


Even though there are many feedback channels, from the community forums to uservoice, it feels like there is never a lot of outward facing feedback on any of this. Particularly on uservoice there are some posts on e.g. printing issues which have literally gone without any official feedback since 2014...


Is this not a cause for some concern?


By creating a page on uservoice, some expectation is inherently created among users that they might actually have a voice that gets heard. When their questions then remain unaddressed for so long on such platforms, it might result in more frustrations (check some comments) then in the case of there not being such a public forum...


I could imagine that general user satisfaction for OneNote might get a huge boost when this situation improves?


Moreover, an improvement here might help OneNote on mobile devices catch up with competing offerings which for some aspects deliver a much nicer UX.


What is happening here and why are things as they are now?

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