Deploy Update From SCCM not Servicing Profile

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we are using Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise monthly channel but last month I have configured the Service Profile for the Tenant and then I notes that Devices is no longer getting updates from SCCM and try to download from CDN.

So I want to switch back the devices to get updates from SCCM.

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Hi, you can specify an empty AzureAD group for the "include devices" selection criteria. This would drain all devices from Servicing profiles and lift the profile's update control.

Can you share why receiving updates from the Office CDN does not work for you?

Hi @Martin_Nothnagel_Office_Ranger 

thanks for reply i was searching for a channel to reach you. 

i already created the same as you mentioned below is a screen of it.


but the issue is that after changing this setting, the registry Key for ignoregpo doesn't flip to 0 and the client is still looking for the Service profile to get Updates. I thought it should work automatically.

So i'm looking for a way to set the client back to SCCM.


about your question Receiving updates fron CDN Consumed a lot of bandwidth in our network.  

Hi Walid,

please hit the "give feedback" button in the upper right corner in servicing profile and send us a feedback item with your contact details and the tenant name/id. We can then look into the issue.