Default Office theme uses Times New Roman everywhere, not Calibri


On a few different tenants I have, the default Office theme (called "Office") seems to have changed the default font back to good old Times New Roman, instead of Calibri. I thought it had something to do with my production tenant, but when I tried a couple of other tenants and installed ProPlus there I have the same problem.


Furthermore, when you look at the Theme settings, it appears that Calibri should still be used - but it doesn't:





Has anyone seen this too? When I install a traditional Office 2016 Professional Plus (volume license, msi) I get the right behaviour.

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I worked around it by copying


  • Normal.dotm
  • NormalEmail.dotm


From a "working" installation to the




directory. That does the trick.

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What helped in my case was deleting default templates in "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates" changing the default language to "English US" or similar in Office 2016 Language Preferences, followed by opening Word and Outlook (to re-create default templates). I had "English Europe" set as default editing language, Office installation picked-it up from regional settings. This seems to have caused the Office to fall back to "Times New Roman".

Confirming that Marko Jugs answer fixed this for me.

Just had the exact same on a clean install machine after installing: Version 1707 (Build 8326.2096 Click-to-Run) 

For anyone else arriving here, I had the same issue and this solution almost worked for me, but not quite. In addition, I had to reset the Windows 10 default language (Settings -> Time and Language -> Region & language) back to "English US", in addition to the steps outlined below. 

Only then the font in Outlook and Word would stop flipping back to Times New Roman and stay Calibri in my case.


Changing language from English (Germany) to English (United States) in Word language options resolves the issue also for me. I'd be interested in knowing if this application behavior is expected and desired or should be considered a bug for submission to the Office 365 bug backlog.

When language is set to "English (Germany)" no matter what "Fonts" setting from "Design" ribbon is selected, it changes nothing of the default +Body and +Heading font. Why have the "Fonts" setting?




So, this bug is still existing and reproducable


Is Microsoft going to fix this ?

I had the same issue with a clean install of Windows 10 and Office 365.
My system language was "English (Germany)" and the default Office font turned out to be Times New Roman. Quite ugly I must say.