Creating a shared OneDrive account - licencing

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Hi - I am hoping that the answer to this is quite simple.

I would like to create a shared OneDrive account for storage from multiple sources.

Could someone confirm if, to do this, the shared account created in the portal would require a licence to 365?


I cannot see, in our portal, a way to set up a policy for OneDrive alone - yet all users with a licence for 365 are provided OneDrive storage. From this, I assume that the two cannot be separated - is this correct?


Thank you!

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Every OneDrive account requires a license. Moreover, accounts are for personal use only, you cannot share them between users - that's a violation of the license terms. If you need to share specific items stored within a given user's OneDrive, use the Share functionality or grant permissions directly. If you need a group of users to access the same set of items, best place them in a SharePoint site, not Onedrive.