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Some user can’t create a new planner Bord? What needs to me adjusted in the admin Center so that everyone sees to (+) button to create one? 
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Hi @LeaMarieKK,

to enable users to create a new Planner board, it's essential to control the creation of Microsoft 365 Groups, as every Planner plan automatically forms a corresponding Microsoft 365 group with its members. Here's a guide on managing plan creation:

  1. Utilize Azure AD PowerShell to control who can create Microsoft 365 Groups.
  2. Refer to the "Control who can create Microsoft 365 Groups" instructions to:
    • Disable group creation for all users.
    • Enable specific users (e.g., Planner users) to create groups while general creation is disabled.

For more information you can use this article:

Microsoft Planner for admins - Microsoft Planner | Microsoft Learn

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