Copying text from image in the OneNote app

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Since a few months I am a fulltime user of the Windows OneNote app and I have noticed that it has a strange behaviour for copying the text from an image. 


Sometimes I need to copy the text immediately from an image that I have inserted. But this does not work in the OneNote app, as it takes some time (up to an hour) for the command "Copy text from image" appears. And then a completely different right-click menu appears. 


And in OneNote 2016 the copy text function is available immediately, but I'd like to avoid having to switch to the 2016 OneNote each time I need to copy text from image.


Does anyone know what is going on in the background with OneNote and OCR? Is there a way of speeding up the appareance of the command "Copy text from image" in the OneNote app?

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