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Contact name on email directory

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Hi everyone,


so I logged in Microsoft Office 365 Admin Center to change the Contact Name and Alias of one of the users in the company. This was done successfully, however the email directory still shows his old Contact Name.


-Hypothetic example- 

original name and email: John Smith / jsmith (@) company (dot) com

new name and email: Kyle Smith/ ksmith (@) company (dot) com


At the time of sending a new email, ksmith (@) company (dot) com, will show up in the directory under John Smith (old contact name)


A practical solution would be to delete his account and just create a new one but other than that, how do I fix this? also, I am not working from a Windows Server operating system so I can't run Directory Synchronization. I am using Windows 10 Pro. 


Thank you!

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How are you verifying the change? Keep in mind that Outlook works with an offline copy of the address book, which can take up to 48 hours to update. Also, changing the primary SMTP address will not be fully reflected in the user's (own) Outlook client until the profile is recreated, but that's mostly cosmetic. In any case, I'd recommend testing via OWA.